Why We Are Here

ManUpOK is a community of men who are dedicated to helping fellow men by encouraging and inspiring transformation as followers of Christ.

ManUpOK 2014 Event
ManUpOK 2014 Event
March 7, 2014
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Dr. Tony Evans
Dr. Tony Evans
Pastor, Teacher, Author & Speaker
Alan Robertson
Special Guest
Alan Robertson
From Duck Dynasty
Major Ed Pulido
Special Guest
Major Ed Pulido, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Sr. VP of the Folds of Honor Foundation
& Highly-Decorated Military Veteran
Worship Led by
Chris Cleveland
& Tony Mason
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About ManUpOK

As a group of men at ManUpOK, God has clearly shown us that we have a “Man Problem” in our families, our churches and our communities.  We have been prompted do something about this problem.  We believe that far too many men are not realizing the full potential of the position and the purpose for which they were created.  It is our belief that God has granted each man authority to rule over their respective sphere of influence and that HE wants to use these men for HIS Kingdom.  We see three major problems as a result the “Man Problem”:

  1. Men are causing a great deal of pain in their own lives and others.
  2. Men are exchanging the Truth of God for the lies of the world.
  3. Men are not grasping onto their God given gifts.

The undisputed fact is this: As the Man goes, so goes the family, the church and the community.  There is a battle raging for the souls, minds and hearts of Men and something must be done now.  IT’S TIME!!!

Our Core Values…

  • ManUpOK is about Jesus. He is the source of truth and transformation.  We will use the life and teachings of Jesus as our guide. 
  • ManUpOK understands that the quickest and most effective way to stop the destruction of the family and the community is to transform the men into committed followers of Jesus Christ who are equipped, encouraged and connected with a team of other likeminded men seeking transformation.  
  • ManUpOK leadership will guide and develop this effort based on the wisdom, understanding, and inspiration of God’s word and His Holy Spirit.   ManUpOK doesn’t promote institutional recruiting or specific denominational traditions.
  • Our goal is to bring together men in order to ignite their passion to seek a full understanding the authority that God has given them to become Men of God, husbands and fathers.
  • ManUpOK knows that all men have been created equal and we aim to bring men of all races, ages, backgrounds, experiences and understandings together to transform our communities.

Our Purpose…

We are dedicated to helping men by encouraging and inspiring transformation as followers of Jesus.

Our Mission…

Simply put it is TRANSFORMATION.  We are committed to organizing events that God can use to awaken men to be dependent on Jesus and to drive men into local church men’s ministries, whereby men connect and grow with other likeminded men. 

Our Vision…

Men will MAN UP and be transformed into men pursuing a full life in Jesus Christ and connected with likeminded men in the pursuit of winning the battle for our souls, minds and hearts.  We know that there will be less pain and hurt in our families and communities if men commit to following Jesus Christ